Dr. Dezső Hegyi PhD, Associate Professor

BME Faculty of Architecture  |   Department of Mechanics, Materials & Structures

Role in the project proposal

Specification of the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system, carrying out DIC measurements. Determining model requirements for the small-scale wind tunnel modelling of membrane structures.

Relevant research topics

Analysis of membrane structures.

Highlighted publication in the topic of the proposal

Hegyi Dezső, Sergio Pellegrino: Viscoplastic tearing of polyethylene thin film. MECHANICS OF TIME-DEPENDENT MATERIALS  19: pp. 187-208. (2015)  – journal rank:  Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)  79/268 (Q2)

Hegyi D, Sajtos I, Geiszter Gy, Hincz K: 8-node Quadrilateral Double-Curved Surface Element for Membrane Analysis. COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES 84: pp. 2151-2158. (2006)

Publications in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (MTMT)