Dr. István Sajtos PhD, Associate Professor, Head of Department

BME Faculty of Architecture  |   Department of Mechanics, Materials & Structures

Role in the project proposal

Choosing traditional roof shapes considering the requirements and current investment programs of monument protection authorities. Revision of the chosen roof shapes taking into account the wind tunnel experiment results.

Relevant research topics

Experimental and numerical determination of shape coefficients of traditional roof shapes with complex geometry.

Highlighted publication in the topic of the proposal

Hegyi D, Sajtos I, Geiszter Gy, Hincz K: 8-node Quadrilateral Double-Curved Surface Element for Membrane Analysis. COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES  84: pp. 2151-2158. (2006) – journal rank: Civil and Structural Engineering  33/164 (Q1)

Publications in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (MTMT)