Model Machining Tools and Workshop

Model machining tools

We are planning to acquire a 3D printer and a 3-5D milling machine to manufacture wind tunnel models. These can produce building models, model parts or terrain models from MDF or XPS foam material based on a 3D computer file. According to the plans, the machines will be operated by the Department of Freehand Drawing at the Faculty of Architecture. Their workshop has the necessary expertise and sufficient space to operate the machines, and they can be involved in other educational tasks as well (e.g. manufacturing models for the MSc theses of architecture students). This ensures the long-term utilization of the equipment.

Model preparation workshop

Along with the establishment of the wind tunnel, a model preparation workshop also has to be created inside the machine workshop of the AE building, where it will be possible to prepare the wind tunnel building or terrain models for measurements and apply the finishing touches (gluing models, assembling pressure tubes, creating EPS foam, MDF and composite parts). It is important to point out that contrary to the current workshop, this workshop can be used by students for their MSc thesis, TDK or project work. This means that the machines in the current workshop have to be relocated, the doors, windows and the bitumen floor (which is in a bad condition) have to be changed, new work tables and wood, plastic, and foam shaping small tools have to be acquired which can be used by the students.

Model storage

The minimalist renovation of the 70 m2 room in the basement of the AE building is planned so that it can be used to store wind tunnel models and satisfy the general storage needs of the laboratory, since it is in a bad condition. This includes the following: installing lighting, fixing the plaster, setting up a shelf system, creating a lifting system capable of moving models from the ground level to the existing pit and opening a door towards the stairwell of the building for the personnel.