Determination of the shape coefficients of steel radio tower joints

The new wind tunnel in the Atmospheric Flow Laboratory will provide possibilities to investigate the wind load on cell towers experimentally.

The vortical wind effects near the surface typically give the standard load on steel lattice towers. The size and distribution of wind effects both influence the results during the determination of the structure’s sizes. The large number of radio tower constructions ask for their economical design, which can be largely assisted with a series of wind tunnel experiments.

The goal of our research is to determine the shape coefficients of typical joint details and special designs, and calculate the wind load values on the joints. Based on the results of the experiments the standard wind load on the lattice structures can be refined, enabling more economic structural designs. Furthermore, the model experiments provide the possibility to verify finite volume models and investigate further arrangements.

Involved researchers and departments

Attila László Joó PhD | BME Faculty of Civil Engineering | Department of Structural Engineering

Recent publications of BME on the subject

Balczó, M., Goricsán, I., Kovács, T., Lajos, T., Régert, T., Sebestyén, P.: Prediction of wind load acting on telecommunication masts IABSE Symposium Budapest 2006 IABSE Report Volume 92 (CD)