Dr. Krisztián Hincz PhD, Associate Professor

BME Faculty of Civil Engineering   |  Department of Structural Mechanics

Role in the project proposal

Specifying the requirements of the planned wind tunnel model experiments in the design phase of the wind tunnel in order to ensure their feasibility. Initiating wind tunnel measurements as a research team leader in the relevant topic after the building of the infrastructure is completed.

Relevant research topics

Numeric analysis of tensioned membrane structures. Study of wind loading on tensioned structures using rigid and flexible models.

Highlighted publication in the topic of the proposal

Krisztián Hincz, Mauricio Gamboa-Marrufo: Deformed Shape Wind Analysis of Tensile Membrane Structures, JOURNAL OF THE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING 142:(3) Paper 04015153. 5p. (2016)

D. Hegyi, I. Sajtos, Gy. Geiszter, K. Hincz: 8-node Quadrilateral Double-Curved Surface Element for Membrane Analysis, COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES 84: PP. 2151-2158. (2006)

Publications in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography (MTMT)